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1826.21 days

Title- 1826.21 days
Author- Mickey9928
Rating- G, it’s just fluff.
Disclaimers- I don’t own ATWT, Luke or Reid, I just like to play with them from time to time.
Summary- It’s been 5 years since Reid came to Oakdale.
A/N- I started this last year on Reid’s anniversary but never finished it.  Laid up with a bad back, I decided to see if I could finish it up and I succeeded.

Celebrating or even acknowledging birthdays, anniversaries, or any other kind of milestone had never been important to Reid.  Heck, he was lucky if he even remembered when they were but he knew how important those sorts of things were to Luke so he had made it a point to remember the most important dates and this was one of those dates.

Five years.

60 months.

260.887 weeks.

1826.21 days.

No matter how you looked at it, that's how long it had been since his life had been turned upside down.  Since he had fallen in love and nearly come just at the sound of one man's voice. Since Reid had answered Luke's call and life as he knew it was changed forever.  But who was counting?

Leaning over, Reid captured Luke's lips with his own.  Even in his sleep Luke responded immediately, frowning but not waking up when Reid pulled back. Luke murmured something in his sleep and burrowed further under the covers.  Reid couldn't help but laugh at his husband’s antics.  Luke was not a morning person and Reid had learned that early on in their relationship. He let the blonde sleep while he showered and made breakfast.

Reid was putting the finishing touches on breakfast when Luke came padding into the kitchen in nothing but a pair of Reid's scrub pants hung low on his hips.  He rubbed his eyes as his bedhead hair stuck up in every direction.

"Mornin'," Luke yawned as he wrapped his arms around Reid's waist and nibbled the older man's earlobe before resting his chin on the older man's shoulder.

"Mornin'," Reid replied as he finished pouring two mugs of coffee.

Turning around with the coffee in hand, Reid gave Luke a peck on the lips before setting the mugs on the table.

"What's all this?" Luke asked as he looked at the food on the table.

"Breakfast," Reid replied.

"I know that smartalec.  I meant what's with all the fancy stuff?  Normally we just have cereal and bagels for breakfast."

"Well, seeing how today is a special day I thought I'd make a special breakfast.”

“Special day huh,” Luke said with a smirk.

“Yeah, it was five years ago today that I was dragged to Oakhell by Richie Rich.  But luckily for him, it turns out even Podunk has a few attractions,” Reid replied seductively as he looked his husband up and down.

Luke couldn’t help but blush.  Reid pulled him close and captured his mouth with his own.  Reid’s hands roamed his husband’s back and had just reached the top of his scrubs when a cry pierced the air. The men laughed as Reid leaned his forehead against Luke’s.  

“I swear his timing sucks,” Reid groaned.

“He just doesn’t want to be left out.  You fix the bottle and I’ll go get him,” Luke said before soundly kissing his husband and heading to the nursery.

When Luke returned a few minutes later, a fussy bundle in his arms, Reid handed him the bottle and watched as his husband fed their son.

Five years.

60 months

260.887 weeks

1826.21 days.

That’s how long it had been since one phone call had irrevocably changed Reid’s life and he wouldn’t change a thing.

Heir: Epilogue

Author: Mickey9928
Title: Heir Epilogue
Rating: G, nothing but fluff
Characters/Pairings: Luke/Reid, Sophie/Jacob, Evan/Trevor, Eric/Hayley, Casey/Maddie, several original characters
Warnings: None
Summary: New Beginnings
A/N: We have finally come to the end.  It is bitter sweet because this is my baby, the first fic I ever wrote.  Thank you for hanging with me through the journey.  I know I haven't updated very often but unfortunately RL gets in the way.  I hope you have enjoyed the story and can't tell you what you comments and feedback mean to me.  :)


The phone rang in the middle of the night, and Reid grabbed it, recognizing the ring tone he’d assigned to Sophie. He went from asleep to wide awake in an instant.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

"Reid?  It's Jacob."

"Jacob?  Why are you using Sophie's phone?  Is she okay?"

"She's fine or she will be."

"What do mean 'she will be'" Reid asked in a panic.

"We were on our way home from Chicago when she started having labor pains. We thought they were Braxton Hicks again but then they started getting closer together.  She wanted me to keep going, insisting we could get to Oakdale but I refused and pulled into the Cozy Inn and got a room.  I figured it be better for her to give birth in a motel room than in a car on the side of a dark road."

"Good thinking.  Has her water broke yet?"

"Not yet."

"How far apart are the contractions?"

"About a minute."

"Okay.  Try and keep her as comfortable as possible.  Luke and I will be there as soon as possible."

As soon as Jacob had said that Sophie was in labor Reid had sprung into action and by the time he hung up he and Luke were walking out the door.

"Shouldn't we be calling 911?"  Luke asked as Reid backed out of the garage.

"You really think they'd get there in time?  You remember when the twins were born?"

"True, but."

"If it will make you feel better, go ahead and call, but I'm willing to bet I will be delivering our grandchild."

They made the drive in silence.  A half an hour later they pulled off the highway and into the parking lot of the Cozy Inn.

"Wow, this brings back memories," Reid said as he pulled into a parking spot right outside room #8.

Leaping from the car, the men knocked on the motel room door.

"Gracie, baby, Papa and Dad are here."

The door flung open to reveal a very frantic looking Jacob.

"Her water just broke and she wants to push."

"Papa!  Oh god it hurts." Sophie gritted out as another contraction hit.

Luke ran over to the bed and picked up her hand and brushed the damp hair off her forehead.

"Oh baby," Luke exclaimed.

"Jacob, I need you to grab the towels from the bathroom.  Gracie, I'm going to need to examine you to see how far along things are."

Reid immediately went into doctor mode in an effort to not think about what he was about to do.  Right now he was Dr. Oliver, not Sophie's father.

"Okay, you are fully dilated and I'm pretty sure it will only take a couple of pushes before the baby is out.  Gracie, you ready to do this?"

Sophie nodded her head.

"Okay, so when the next contraction hits I want you to bear down and push."

"Oh god," Sophie gritted out as a contraction hit almost immediately.

"Okay, push.  That's it.  You're going great.  Keep pushing.  And relax."

Sophie flopped back on the bed while Luke and Jacob fussed over her until the next contraction, which hit only moments later.  After pushing for only five minutes a cry was heard.

"It's a girl," a choked up Reid announced.

"A girl?" Jacob exclaimed  as he leaned down and kissed his exhausted wife.

"It's a girl!" Reid confirmed.

After helping Jacob cut the cord, Reid cleaned his granddaughter up, wrapped her in one of the towels and presented her to her parents.

"Say hello to your daughter."

While an emotional Sophie and Jacob fawned over their daughter, Reid stood next to Luke, an arm around his waist and enjoyed the scene.  Both men had tears in their eyes.

"Do you have a named picked out?"

"Say hello to Olivia Emma Snyder."

Both men were visually touched by the name.

"Daddy, you want to hold her?"

Luke had just cradled Olivia in his arms when there was a pounding on the door.

"Does somebody in there need medical attention?"

Reid escorted the EMT's in and explained the situation.  They examined both mother and daughter before loading them into the ambulance.

"Thank you so much for everything," a choked up Jacob said to his father-in-laws before he jumped into the ambulance with his wife and daughter.


"Dad?  Papa?"

Luke and Reid were walking through the maternity ward when a voice called out to them.  Turning they were surprised to see their son.

"Evan?  What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing."

"Just then Trevor popped his head out of a room.

"Honey, Hannah's asking for you again.  Oh hey Luke, Reid. "

"Hannah's here?  Is she?  Are you?"

"Take a deep breath dad.  Yes, Hannah is here and is in the early stages of labor.  While the doctor's were hoping she would go longer they are confident that everything will be fine with the twins.  Now why are you here?"

While Luke calmed down, Reid filled his son in on the the night's events.

"Well you won't believe this but your sister is here.  She gave birth at the Cozy Inn a couple of hours ago.  I had to deliver the baby."

"Oh my gosh you're kidding me.  Is everybody okay?"

"Your sister is a real trooper and both she and your niece are fine.  You better get back in to Hannah.  We're going to go check on Sophie and Olivia and then we'll come back and see you guys."

Evan hugged both his fathers before disappearing into the hospital room.

“What do you say we go see that granddaughter of ours? Reid asked

Quietly pushing the door to Sophie’s room opened, the men found everybody sound asleep.  Sophie was snoring quietly, her daughter cradled in her arms.  Jacob was in a chair next the bed, his upper body slumped on the bed and his hand resting protectively on Olivia’s back.  Not wanting to disturb the sleeping family, the men both left kisses on Sophie’s forehead before slipping out and heading back to where their son and his husband were waiting the birth of their twins.

Reid knocked on the door frame as the men entered Hannah’s room.

“Hey, how’s the ..

The words died on Reid’s tongue as he realized the room was empty and the bed was gone. Turning around he almost ran over Luke.

“Hey, what’s going on? Where are you going?”

“To find my family.  The room is empty.”

Reid barged out to the nurses station.

“Hey, you.  You look semi-competent.  Can you tell me what happened to the patient in room 428?  They were there less than a half an hour ago and now the room is empty, including the bed.”

“Um, I don’t know.  I don’t see any notes.”

“What do you mean you don’t know.  How do you just lose a woman who is 9-months pregnant with twins?!?!?  Are you an idiot?”

The nurse started crying and Reid rolled his eyes.

“Oh great, now you’re leaking.”

“I’m ssssorry.  I jjjjust ssstarted my ssshift.  The pppprevious nnnurse dddin’t lllleave aaany nnnnotes.”

“Is there anybody around here that would know then?  Somebody competent enough to leave notes for their replacement?”

“Luke?  Reid?  Why are you berating Kelly?”

“Gretchen do you know what happened to Hannah?  She was in early labor but now she isn’t in her room and nobody seems to know where she is.”

“Yeah, they just took her down to surgery.  Apparently one of the babies is breech and won’t turn around on it’s own so they decided it was best if they went in and delivered via c-section.”

Reid took off as soon as he heard Gretchen say ‘breech’ but Luke stayed long enough to thank her for the information before taking off after his husband.  He found Reid pacing in the waiting room outside the surgical wing, his left hand tapping away on his thigh.

“Hey, everythings going to be fine,” Luke said as he pulled his husband into an embrace in an effort to calm him.

Reid buried his nose in Luke’s blonde locks and inhaled his husband’s unique scent while the younger man rubbed soothing circles on his back. Eventually the men separated and Luke took Reid’s hand and gently guided him over to one of the couches.  Reid sat hunched over with his elbows on his knees as he held his head in his hands.  Luke continued to rub his husband’s back. While they waited, Eric and Hayley showed up.  Luke had called his son and daughter-in-law to let them know what was going on.

Reid was going crazy and was about to use his rank at the hospital to get some information when the door to the surgical wing swung open and Evan and Trevor walked out, huge smiles on their faces.

“They’re here!” they exclaimed, tears running down their cheeks.

The waiting room erupted in cheers.  Luke and Reid both jumped up and enveloped their son and son-in-law in a big hug.

“Hannah is being settled into her room and the twins are being checked out but so far the doctors say they are both healthy,” Evan said.

“Sooo,” Reid said. “Are you going to tell us what you had?”

“Um, babies,” Trevor joked.

“You know what I mean.”

“Come with us and you can see for yourselves.”

“Hey, what about us?”

They turned to see Casey and Maddie standing in the doorway.

“Mom, Dad, you made it!,” Trevor said as he ran over and hugged his parents.

“Once you called and said Hannah was in labor we jumped in the car and drove all night.  We weren’t about to miss seeing our first grandbabies,” Maddie said as she reached up and gently wiped the tears off her son’s face.

“This is sweet and all but I’d like to meet my grandchildren.”

“Reid!” Luke hissed as he elbowed his husband.

“What?!? Reid replied as the group finally headed to see the twins.

They were almost to Hannah’s room when Gretchen intercepted them.

“Hey guys, Hannah’s not in that room anymore.  We moved her to a different one.  I’ll take you there.”

Gretchen lead them towards the new maternity wing.  Reid was confused  The wing was finished but had not yet open.  She led them to one of the new family suites.  They walked inside and were surprised to see not only Hannah and the twins but Sophie, Jacob and baby Olivia.  The room was large enough to accommodate the two beds and three bassinets.

“Did you arrange for this?” Reid asked.

“When I realized that Sophie was here too I decided to see what kind of strings I could pull to get you into one of these rooms.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re more than welcome.”

Evan and Trevor each walked over to a bassinet and picked up a baby.

“Everybody, we’d like you to meet Robert Matthew Oliver-Hughes and Landon Holden Oliver-Hughes.”

Bobby, Landon and Olivia were all passed around while everybody fussed over them until eventually the parents all needed to get some sleep. Eric and Hayley were getting ready to leave when Eric spoke up

“Before we take off we have an announcement.”

As he spoke, Eric wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist, his hands resting on her stomach.  Hayley rested her hands on top of his.

“We’re expecting!  In six months we’ll have our own little bundle of joy.”

The room erupted in cheers at the news with everybody congratulating the pair.  After things settled down, Jacob squeezed onto the bed with Sophie while Evan and Trevor crashed on the pullout couch/bed.  Hannah of course had her own bed. While the parents slept, Maddie volunteered to go on a food run and left the men to fawn over the babies

“Well Doctor O, we’re officially grandparents,” Casey said quietly as he rocked Landon.

Reid looked down at a sleeping Bobby in his arms as he spoke.

“Casey why do you insist on calling me Doctor O?  We’ve known each other for almost 30 years, our children are married to each other and now we share two grandchildren, yet you almost never call me Reid.”

“I guess it’s a respect thing.  You earned that title,” Casey said with a shrug.

Reid wasn’t sure what to say to that.

“Wow, you’re at a loss for words?  That rarely happens,” Luke said with a quiet chuckle as he shifted a fussy Olivia in his arms.

“Here let me take her.  Maybe I can get her to settle down,” Reid said

The men managed to switch babies without waking up Bobby or upsetting Olivia further. Reid rocked his granddaughter and sang some quiet Justin Timberlake while rubbing soothing circles on her back much like he used to do for her mother.   It wasn't long before Olivia quieted down and snuggled into her grand-papa’s chest.

Reid looked around the room at his family.  Two of his three children were now parents with the third to join them in a few short months.  And all three had married wonderful people.  His gazed stopped for a moment on Casey, who over the years had become more than just Luke’s best friend. He was also one of Reid’s best friends and he couldn’t have been happier when their children married and they became family. He couldn’t help but linger on the sight of his husband snoring lightly in a rocking chair with a sound asleep Bobby on his chest.  Despite being in his early 50’s, Luke still looked like he was in his 30’s and was as gorgeous as the day he first laid eyes on him. He watched his husband a while longer before his gaze landed back on his granddaughter. He had always had a special bond with Sophie and looking at the little girl who was the splitting image of her mother, he had a feeling they too would share a unique connection.


Author: Mickey9928
Title: Heir Chapter 23
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Luke/Reid, Eric, Evan, Sophie, Jacob, Trevor, Hayley
Warnings: None
Summary: A Wedding
A/N- It took me a little longer than I had planned but here is the final chapter of Heir. There will be an epilogue but I'm not sure when that will occur. Thank you so much for following along on this journey with me. This was the first fic I ever wrote and was only supposed to be a one-shot but as you can see it turned into much more than that. When I was first writing this story I had no idea where I was going with it but as the chapters went on I realized I wanted this to be Reid and Sophie's story. I see her as Papa's little girl and I wanted to show them going through the milestone's of growing up together culminating with her wedding. Again thank you so much for your support on this adventure. Without all of you this would have never been more than a one-shot. So thank you! As always your comments mean the world to me!

Luke and Reid Snyder-Oliver


Katie and Brad Snyder

request the honor of your presence at the wedding of their children

Sophia Grace Snyder-Oliver


Jacob Bradley Snyder

August 14, 2037


Snyder Farm

He couldn't believe this was happening, his baby girl was getting married.

"Reid, stop pacing. You're going to wear a path in the carpet.”

"I can't help it. How are you so calm? Our baby is about to get married," Reid said as he ran his hands through his thick curls.

"I now that she is marrying a wonderful young man and that even when she is married she will still be our little girl," Luke said before walking over to his husband, wrapping his arms around him and placing a tender, yet intimate kiss on his lips. The kiss was on the verge of turning passionate when Luke broke it off and reluctantly took a step back.

"I need to head back out to the barn and let them know we're ready. Just remember, she'll always be our little girl."

Luke gave Reid one last peck on the lips before going out the door. Reid stood in the kitchen watching as his husband walked across the yard and was so lost in thought he didn't hear the stairwell door open.


Reid turned towards the stairs and was blown away by the sight before him. Sophie was absolutely breathtaking.

"What do you think?" she asked as she spun around carefully, her train held up in her hand.

Reid couldn't help the tears that slipped down his cheeks as he had a flash of a 6-year-old Sophie twirling in circles showing off her pretty Christmas dress. That image was replaced with the all too real 21-year-old Sophie showing off her wedding dress. It took a minute for Reid to be able to speak.

"Oh Gracie, you look so beautiful. Jacob is a very lucky young man. He is going to be blown away when he see's you coming down the aisle."

"Oh Papa!" Sophie said as she threw her arms around her father.

Reid gently wrapped his arms around her back, careful not to mess up her dress or veil. As they embraced, Reid heard Sophie sniffling and pulled back so he could look at her.

"Hey, don't cry. Tears won't help anything and as I always say, they just cause your eyes to swell and your skin to blotch."

Sophie couldn't help but laugh. Her Papa had been saying that for as long as she could remember.

"Maybe you should take your own advice? I see those tears in your eyes threatening to spill over."

"I don't know what you are talking about," Reid replied as he turned and quickly wiped at his eyes.

"Where's daddy?" Sophie asked while looking around for him.

"He's already down at the barn. He'll meet us at the door. Are you ready to go get married?"

Afraid she'd start crying again if she spoke, Sophie just nodded her head. Reid picked up her fur-lined satin cape and draped it gently on her shoulders, securing it around her neck. With the cape in place, keeping her warm, she held her hand out to her papa, who gladly took it in his and led her to the door.

Both the ceremony and the reception were being held in the old barn. It hadn't housed animals for years and had recently been turned into a much coveted wedding location. Family and friends were never charged to use it but often times when friends used it they would insist on paying something, usually enough to cover utilities. They also got many outside requests to hold weddings at the farm and those couples were charged for use of the facilities but they were always more than willing to pay.

Reid and Sophie walked quietly through the snow, down the candle lit path. It was a beautiful evening with not a cloud in the sky. It had snowed during the days leading up to the wedding, beautifully covering the landscape in white. As they neared the door Reid squeezed Sophie's hand.

"You ready?"

"I am. I love him so much Papa and just like you could never imagine your life without daddy, I can't imagine my life without Jacob. He loves me for who I am and while he would do anything to make me happy he would never change who he is or ask me to change who I am. We both make each other better people."

"How did my little girl get to be so smart?"

"I think having you and daddy for parents might have had something to do with it."

Reid untied Sophie's cape and gently slipped it off her shoulders and hung it on the peg just inside the door. Just then Luke came around the corner.

"Oh Sophie, you are so beautiful," Luke said as he carefully hugged her and then placed a kiss on her cheek. "You ready?"

Sophie nodded and Luke stuck his head around the corner to signal the music to start.

Jacob's two sisters walked down the aisle, each on the arm of one of Sophie's brothers. They were followed by Faith's daughter and Ethan's son serving as the flower girl and ring bearer. Once they had reached the altar the music changed to the wedding march and it was Sophie's turn. Each of her father's linked their arms on hers and they headed for the aisle.

As soon as Sophie came into view Jacob lost it. She was absolutely breathtaking and she was marrying him. He wiped at his eyes as his bride came towards him, flanked by her fathers. They reached the front and were joined by Jacob.

"Who brings this woman to marry this man?"

"We do," Luke and Reid said in unison.

Both men kissed Sophie before Reid set her hand in Jacob’s.

"Be good to her or you'll have to deal with us," Reid said as Luke gave his best bitch face.

"Don't worry sirs, I will."

"Oh we know," Reid said as they both smiled at their very soon to be son-in-law.

The men took their seats and immediately their hands sought out the others. They sat holding hands and watched as their baby got married. If you asked them what the pastor had said, they wouldn't have been able to tell you. They knew it was a wonderful ceremony but other than that it was pretty much a blur. Luke wept openly and Reid tried to pretend he wasn't crying but he wasn't fooling anybody in the room. They watched as Sophie and Jacob exchanged rings and then they heard the pastor say-

"You may kiss the bride."

And kiss they did.

"It is my pleasure to present to you- Mr. and Mrs. Jacob and Sophia Snyder."


Fires roared in the fire pits and candlelight illuminated the room as the guests filed in and milled about. Reid wanted to go immediately to the buffet but Luke gave him a look that said- 'Try it and you won't be getting any tonight when we get home.' Not wanting to risk it, Reid huffed as he followed Luke over to some relatives the blonde wanted to talk to.

As soon as he got into the room Evan made a beeline for Trevor, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend's waist and resting his chin on his shoulder.

"You better not let my boyfriend see you doing that."

"Very funny," Evan said as he tickled Trevor's sides causing him to turn in his arms until they were face to face.

"You look pretty handsome in that tux. I couldn't take my eyes off of you during the ceremony."

Evan couldn't help blushing at Trevor's words.

"You don't look too bad yourself," Evan said as he leaned in and kissed his boyfriend.

"Would you two get a room? Nobody wants to see you making out," Eric said as he and his girlfriend walked up.

"There will be no room getting by any of you anytime soon, you got that?" Reid said as he walked by and patted both of his sons on the shoulders.

"Yeah, yeah, we know," both boys replied.

"Good," Reid said before continuing towards his newly married daughter.

"I think your brother and his boyfriend are adorable," Hayley said.

"I knew I liked your girlfriend," Evan said.



"It is now time for Sophie and Jacob to have their first dance."

The happy couple made their way out to the dance floor and danced, swaying to the music, lost in their own world. When the song came to an end the couple separated and Sophie walked over to where her father sat and held out her hand to her Papa and asked-

"May I have this dance?"

Slowly Reid stood up and took her daughter's hand. She led her father out to the dance floor and the song "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman came on.

She spins and she sways to whatever song plays
Without a care in the world
And I'm sitting here wearing the weight of the world on my shoulders
It's been a long day and there's still work to do
She's pulling at me saying "Dad I need you!
There's a ball at the castle and I've been invited
and I need to practice my dancin'
Oh please, Daddy, please!"

So I will dance with Cinderella
While she is here in my arms
'Cause I know something the prince never knew
Oh I will dance with Cinderella
I don't want to miss even one song
'Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight
And she'll be gone

She says he's a nice guy and I'd be impressed
She wants to know if I approve of the dress
She says, "Dad, the prom is just one week away
And I need to practice my dancin'
Oh please, Daddy, please!"

So I will dance with Cinderella
While she is here in my arms
'Cause I know something the prince never knew
Oh I will dance with Cinderella
I don't want to miss even one song
'Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight
And she'll be gone
She will be gone

But she came home today with a ring on her hand
Just glowing and telling us all they had planned
She says, "Dad, the wedding's still six months away but I need to practice my dancin'
Oh please, Daddy, please!"

So I will dance with Cinderella
While she is here in my arms
'Cause I know something the prince never knew
Oh I will dance with Cinderella
I don't want to miss even one song
'Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight
And she'll be gone

As the song played the pair twirled around the dance floor. Reid held Sophie tight as they danced and listened to the words of the song. They couldn't have summed up more perfectly how he had felt. As she had grown up, Reid had cherished every moment, knowing that she would not be his little girl forever and now that time had come. The clock was striking midnight and as much as he had tried, he couldn't stop the tears.

The song came to an end and Sophie looked at her father.

"Oh Papa, don't cry," she said as she wiped at his tears.

He tried to speak but all he managed was to squeak out- "I love you, Gracie."

Sophie walked her papa back to the table and then asked Luke for a dance.

"Daddy, it's your turn."

Luke, who was wiping away his own tears, stood up and took his daughter’s hand. As they walked out to the dance floor the song Sophie had picked for her dad started to play. As soon as the music started Luke recognized it as Josh Groban’s “You Lift Me Up,” and couldn’t stop the tears. As they danced Sophie sang the words to her dad.

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.

There is no life - no life without its hunger;
Each restless heart beats so imperfectly;
But when you come and I am filled with wonder,
Sometimes, I think I glimpse eternity.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.

You raise me up... To more than I can be

By the time the two father-daughter dances were over there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. After Jacob danced with Katie, the dance floor was opened up for all to enjoy. People filled the dance floor, swaying to the slow songs and busting a move to the faster ones.

After the cake was cut and toasts were given, the single men all gathered for the garter toss. Jacob gave it a good fling and it landed in a surprised Trevor's hand. Then it was time for the bouquet to be thrown. The single ladies all got in position and the Sophie let the flowers fly over her head. They bounced off several sets of hands before landing in Evan's lap. People couldn't help but laugh at the turn of events. Evan and Trevor looked at each other with shocked expressions

The evening continued on with guests enjoying the firepits, food buffets and dancing. When one of the slower songs came on Evan asked Trevor to dance. The two boys swayed to the music, oblivious to everyone around them. Evan's arms were around Trevor's neck, his head resting on his boyfriend's shoulder while Trevor's arms rested around Evan's back. Eric and Hayley were also swaying to the music.

"They all look so happy. Can you believe that Evan and Trevor have been together since their freshman year?" Luke asked.

"It seems like just yesterday Evan was introducing Trevor to us. He was so shy and nervous about it," Reid replied.

"You know I wouldn't be surprised if someday those two get hitched. I know they haven't dated anybody else but sometimes you get it right on the first try."

"You might be right."

"Hayley seems like a nice girl and she's lasted longer than the last girlfriend."

"And he invited her to the wedding. That's a pretty big step."

When another slow song started, Reid stood up and held his hand out to his husband.

"Dance with me?"

Luke was shocked. Reid was never the one to instigate dancing. Usually he had to be pulled kicking and screaming onto the dance floor.

"I would love to," Luke said as he took Reid's hand and the pair walked out to the dance floor.

Luke loved dancing with his husband. Holding Reid close, breathing in his scent, hearing and feeling his heartbeat and feeling his strong hands against his back; Luke was at home in Reid's arms. They moved to the music, enjoying being in each others arms.

Sophie leaned back against her new husband and felt his arms tighten around her waist as she watched her fathers dancing.

"After all these years they are still as in love as the day they got married. You think we'll still be that in love when we've been married that long?" Sophie asked as she turned her head to look up at Jacob.

"If I have anything to do with it we'll be more in love," Jacob replied as he captured his new wife's lips in a kiss.

The festivities continued on with more dancing, an endless supply of food and Emma's special hot apple cider. Unable to provide the food for the reception due to her health, Emma had insisted that she at least supply the cider, both hard and regular. It was legendary in the Snyder family and nobody knew the secret ingredient but her and she swore she'd take it to her grave.

Eventually the time came for the newlyweds to depart. Jacob got Sophie's cape and secured it around her neck. Their guests cheered and tossed rice as the couple made their way to the horse-drawn sled that Holden had prepared for them . It would take them to the other side of the property where they would spend the night in one of the guest cottages before taking Lucinda's jet to Hawaii tomorrow.

Sophie hugged both her fathers,

"I love you both so much."

"We love you too and are so, so happy for you," Luke said as Reid struggled not to cry, again.

"Damn, why I can't I control my emotions today?" Reid thought.

Jacob took Sophie's hand and helped her up into the sled before taking his place beside his wife and pulling the large blanket up over them. The sled pulled away as the guests cheered and waved. The newlyweds waved back before the sled disappeared into the night.

Once the bride and groom had left, guests started to head home. Eventually the only people left were the cleaning crew. Luke and Reid made their way back up to the house, exhausted after the day's events. They stuck their heads into the living room to find Eric, Hayley, Evan and Trevor all zonked out on air mats. Each couple was snuggled together.

Exhausted after the day's events, their lovemaking was gentle and slow. Sated, Reid lay with his head on Luke's chest, his hand gently carding through his husband's chest hair. He could tell by his breathing that the blonde had fallen asleep. He stilled his fingers, resting his hand over his husband's heart, feeling it beat as his chest rose and fell. He didn't know how he had gotten so lucky. He had a wonderful husband whom he was more in love with today than he was the day he married him and they had three incredible kids, all of whom were happy and healthy.

He thought back to that fateful night 21 years ago when Luke called him in a panic. As he drove to find his husband he never imagined what he would find. His life had changed for the better that night and continued to get better as the years went on. His little girl was all grown up and married and both his boys were turning into amazing young men. Evan had accepted who he was and found a wonderful boyfriend in Trevor. Eric, while he had gone through a number of girlfriends, seemed to really be enamored with Hayley. And he and Luke? Well that goes without saying! All in all life was pretty damn good in the Oliver- Snyder household.

Right Where I Belong

Title:Right Where I Belong
Rating:G; It's just a bunch of fluff.
Disclaimer:I don't own the characters I just like to play with them.
Summary:Sonny's late night thoughts.
A/N:This is from Sonny's POV. I wrote this in about an hours time. I should be finishing a story for another fandom (Luke/Reid) but instead I wrote this! Your comments mean the world to me and encourage me to keep writing.

I look down at the infant in my arms. She's sleeping peacefully as I rock her. Why doesn't Will get that there is no other place that I want to be? No other person that I want to be with? He and Ari are my life. Ari might not be mine biologically or even legally for that matter, but she is still my daughter. From the moment I delivered her, no even before that, from the moment Will first showed me the sonogram, she was my daughter. Even though we were fighting at the time, I was still in love with Will and she was a part of him, of us. How could I not love her and think of her as both of ours, as mine? When Gabi went into premature labor I kept it together for Will's sake but I was terrified at the possibility that something could happen to Ari.

For some reason Will thinks that I miss my old life. My life of 'adventure and freedom' as he likes to put it. As my dad once said to me, raising a child is the greatest adventure anyone can have. I love raising Ari and I can't wait until I can take her to the places I love, all over the world. If I'm lucky she won't inherit her father's fear of heights and I can teach her to climb mountains. While I look forward to showing our daughter the world, I also look forward to adventures with just her father. We have tons of people that would love to take her while we enjoy ourselves.

And there is Ari's mother. Gabi is still in our lives and would love to have Ari more than just the every other weekend that our custody agreement permits. She's always eager for more time with her daughter. Now that we know that Nick will never be in any of our lives again, we are more likely to agree to more visitation time with Gabi.

I am often baffled as to how Will can still doubt my love, my devotion. I brush a couple of locks of soft blonde hair off the face that so resembles her father before I place a gentle kiss on Ari's forehead. I then place her back in her crib before making my way back to our bed and Will. I make a quick stop in the bathroom to relieve myself before walking into the bedroom. Will, a much heavier sleeper then I, is still sound asleep. Without complaint I am more times than not the one that gets up with Ari in the night. I don't mind a bit. I look at it as special Ari and Papa time. That is what I hope she will call me one day- Papa. As I look at my sleeping partner I decide there is one thing that would prove to Will just how serious I am about him and Ari. I walk over to the dresser and open up my sock drawer. I push the socks aside and reach into the very back and pull out a velvet box. I snap open the lid and look at the matching platinum rings. I have had them for almost a month, trying to find the right time. As I look at the rings I decide that tomorrow I will prove to Will once and for all that I am right where I want to be now and forever. Tomorrow I will ask Will to marry me.


Heir Chapter 22/23?

Author: Mickey9928

Title: Heir Chapter 22

Rating: PG

Characters/Pairings: Luke/Reid, Eric, Evan, Sophie, Jacob, Trevor

Warnings: None

Summary: Graduation

A/N: You’re in luck. I’m dealing with some issues in my left foot and as a result I’m supposed to rest it as much as I can, which means I have a good excuse to sit and write and have managed to write a new chapter for this story! Yay! The bad news is that I think there is only one chapter (plus a possible epilogue) left after this chapter. I'm not sure I'm completely happy with the end of this chapter but it is what it is. A huge thanks to all who read and comment, it encourages me to continue writing.

"Evan Matthew, will you hurry up! If we don't leave soon there won't be any place to sit," Reid yelled up the stairs.

"He has to make sure he looks good for Trevor," Eric said as he rolled his eyes and pretended to gag on his finger.

"Hey now, just because you don't have a girlfriend doesn't mean you can make fun of your brother. He and Trevor really like each other. Maybe someday you'll know what that feels like," Luke said as he looked at his watch.


Just then Evan came bounding down the stairs.

"Okay, I'm ready."


"Eric," Reid warned

"What?!?" Eric asked exasperatedly.

"Leave your brother alone. He likes to look good, you could learn from his example."

"Hey, I'm dressed up aren't I?"

"Okay, that's enough. Could you three please just go get in the car," Luke admonished.

The twins may have been identical but that was where the similarities ended. Evan was gay and Eric was straight. Evan tended to be a snappy dresser while Eric was a more casual dresser. They had both inherited Reid's curls and Evan had chosen to embrace them and wore his hair a little longer, just long enough to show off the curls. Eric on the other hand hated that he had curly hair and wore it short to hide the curls. Interestingly enough Evan was the more athletic of the pair, playing basketball and baseball, while Eric was more into theatre and choir. Even though the boys had their differences, they were still pretty close. The few times Evan had been picked on for being gay, Eric had stood up to the bullies. He got a black eye but he wore it with pride. Nobody was going to pick on his brother and get away with it.


As he shifted on the bench, trying to get some feeling back in his ass, Reid wondered just how many more speeches they were going to have to endure.

"Whatever happened to having 1 valedictorian? Why are there 14???” Reid wondered. "At least they are speaking in groups,” he thought.

Sophie was of course one of those 14 valedictorians but she had chosen not to be a speaker. Like her Papa, she much preferred to leave the public speaking to others. After what seemed like several hours it was finally time to hand out the diplomas. Since Sophie was one of the valedictorians, her name would be amongst the first to be called. The first row of graduates, including Sophie, stood up and headed to the stage. A handful of names were read before they heard-

"Sophia Grace Snyder-Oliver"

With the number of friends and family in the audience, the roar of cheers was practically deafening. Sophie held up her diploma and pumped her fist as she exited the front of the stage. Reid wiped away a few stray tears that had managed to escape his eyes as he watched his daughter graduate.

"Papa are you crying?" Eric asked.

"No of course not," Reid said as he quickly wiped at his face.

"Uh-huh," Evan said with a laugh.

They listened as the rest of the 450 graduates names were called, cheering for those they knew, until finally the last name was called. The graduates were told to move their tassels and the lights in the stadium went out and fireworks went off. The graduates filed out and dispersed to find their friends and family members amongst the sea of people. Sophie headed to the back hash mark on the 30-yard line, the previously agreed upon meeting place. She spotted her dads and ran up to them, throwing her arms around them both.

"Congratulations sweetie."

Everybody was taking turns hugging and congratulating the graduate when someone caught her eye and she screamed.


Sophie ran over and threw her arms around her boyfriend. She couldn't believe he was there.

"Hey baby, congratulations," Jacob said as he placed a tender, chaste kiss on her lips.

Sophie had been dating Jacob Snyder for the last two years but because he was a year older he had been off at college and she hadn't seem him in person since spring break. They had skyped almost daily, including on the night of prom. He was unable to attend due to his baseball team playing in the college world series. Sophie, while disappointed, had understood and decided she really wasn't interested in going with anybody else. They had gone to Jacob's senior prom and that was good enough for her. So she had stayed in and spent the evening in her pj's skyping with Jacob.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe you are actually standing in front of me right now."

Jacob held Sophie and rubbed her back as she cried happy tears.

"I'm so proud of you, baby."

"Thanks babe."

Eric rolled his eyes at his sister and her boyfriend's antics and spoke up.

"If you're done with all the puky baby talk, can we head home? There's a whole spread of food waiting and I don't know about you, but I'm starving."

"I think it's romantic," Evan said dreamily as he looked at his own boyfriend who was playing with that one curl behind his right ear that Trevor couldn't seem to get enough of. It was one of the reasons he kept his hair that length.

"Did somebody say food?" Jacob asked.

"I knew I liked you. A man who appreciates food as much as I do," Reid said as he patted Jacob on the back.


"I'm going to see if there is any pie left, you want anything?"

"Really Reid, you're going to eat more pie, at midnight?"


Reid walked into the living room to find Jacob and Sophie cuddled together and sound asleep on the couch. He couldn't help but smile when he noticed that Jacob had an arm protectively around Sophie. He knew that Jacob loved his daughter and would do anything for her and he was glad that Jacob had been able to surprise her at graduation. He decided to leave the couple be and grabbed a blanket and carefully covered them up. Before leaving he leaned down and left a kiss on his daughter's forehead. Sophie stirred, briefly opening her eyes.


"Shhh. Go back to sleep."

"M'kay. Love you."

"Love you too, Gracie."

After a quick slice of pie, Reid headed to bed but not before checking one last time on the kids. Sophie, the high school graduate. was still asleep in Jacob's arms on the couch. A peek into the rec room showed the boys, Trevor included, zonked out. Reid looked at his son and his boyfriend and couldn't help but smile. Evan was sleeping with his head on Trevor's chest and Trevor had his arm slung over Evan's back. It was a very sweet, yet innocent scene.

His kids were all growing up so fast. It seemed like just yesterday that Sophie had hid in the barn when her brothers’ birth had interrupted her poem recital and now she was a high school graduate and the twins had finished their freshman year. He knew he couldn't stop them from growing up but no matter how old they got, they would still be his babies.

A/N 2: I took the graduation ceremony details from the ceremony at the school where I work. At my school the ceremony is held on the football field, we often have around 15 valedictorians (depending on how many want to speak there are usually 2 or 3 group speeches) and there are fireworks after the ceremony.


Common Grounds

Title: Common Grounds
Author: Mickey9928
Rating: G; it's nothing but fluff. :)
Summary: Will takes Ari to visit Sonny at Common Grounds
Warnings: Not a one unless you don't like fluff.
Author Note:- I started writing this back when it was mentioned that Will took Ari to visit Sonny at CG. I wished we could have seen that scene but since we didn't I decided to write my own. This is my first Sonny/Will story but I have written for Luke/Reid from ATWT before. Enjoy and please let me know what you think. Your comments mean the world to me! :)

Sonny was wiping down the counter when he heard the door chime and looked up to see Will pushing Ari's stroller into Common Ground. Sonny couldn't help but laugh when he saw how much stuff Will had with him. There were several bags stuffed in the basket under the stroller and he could see the diaper bag slung across his boyfriend's chest as well as a backpack on his shoulders.

Will maneuvered the stroller over to a table and was pushing the canopy back when Sonny approached and gave him a quick kiss.

"Hey you, did you bring the entire apartment with you?" Sonny asked with a laugh as he reached into the carrier to run a finger down Arianna's cheek.

"I didn't know what she might need so I may have brought a little too much," Will said sheepishly.

"Your daddy is silly isn't he Ari but we still love him don't we?" Sonny said to the baby as he undid the buckles and lifted her gently from the stroller.

"It's time for her bottle. You want to to feed her?"

"I'd love to."

Sonny took a seat in the booth and shifted Arianna so she was cradled in his left arm before taking the bottle from Will and presenting the nipple to her. She latched on and immediately began sucking down the milk.

"So what brings my two favorite people to the coffee shop."

"We were getting a little restless at home and Ari told me she missed you so I thought we'd come visit. We took a nice stroll through HTS on the way."

Will slid into the booth from the other end until he was next to Sonny, who shifted his body to lean against his boyfriend.

"She looks so natural in your arms," Will said with a smile as he looked from his daughter to his boyfriend.

"It feels natural to have her here. She may not biologically be mine but she is biologically yours and as a result I love her as if she was biologically mine. Ari not having my DNA makes no difference to me. She is my daughter and I love her with all my heart."

Will couldn't help the tears that slipped down his cheeks as he heard Sonny's words.

"Do you really mean that? You're not just saying what you think I want to hear?"

Sonny looked up at his boyfriend and noticed the tears.

"Hey don't cry. Of course I meant what I said. Gabi might be in Ari's life but that doesn't mean Ari is any less my daughter. We're raising her together and maybe, just maybe, one day we will give her a little brother or sister who has my DNA."

Sonny set the now empty bottle on the table and shifted Ari so she was against his shoulder and gently patted her on the back. Will just stared open mouthed at his boyfriend. He tried to talk but couldn't find the words until finally he spoke.

"Did...did...you just say you want to have a baby with me?" Will stammered out.

"Well I think technically we kind of already have a baby together," Sonny said as he looked at Ari, "but yes, I want to have another child with you. One that we plan for together and don't have to share with anybody else. What do you say?"

"Yes! Oh my gosh, yes!"

Will smashed his mouth to Sonny's, kissing him passionately until Ari started to squirm, making her presence known and reminding the men where they were.

Sonny chuckled as he shifted the baby so she was once again cradled in his left arm. He ran his right hand down her cheek and then down her arm. When he got to her hand, Ari grabbed his finger in her tiny fist and held on, refusing to let go. Sonny looked up from Ari to look at Will.

"Have I told you lately how much I love you?" Will asked as he leaned forward to capture Sonny's lips with his own.

"Yeah but I can never hear it too many times."

Sonny leaned back against Will, who tightened an arm around him. The two men gazed at the little girl who had wrapped herself around their hearts. They might not have the most conventional family but it worked for them and they wouldn't change it for the world.

Heir Chapter 21/?

Chapter 21

"Dad? Papa?" Sophie yelled as she burst through the door looking for her fathers.

"In the office Gracie."

Sophie bounded into the office.

"Guess what?"

"What sweetie?"

"Jason asked me to prom!" Sophie said excitedly. "I know I'm only a freshman but can I go, please, please, please???"

"There's going to be some rules including curfew and what you're allowed to do afterwards but yes, you may go."

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you," Sophie squealed as she ran over and hugged both her fathers. "I have to tell Jessica. She's going to freak," Sophie said while frantically typing away on her phone as she ran out of the room.

"Did we just agree to let her go to prom?"

"We did. You okay with that?" Luke asked as he walked over and straddled Reid's lap.

"I think so. Just trying to figure out how Sophie got so old."

"It's called growing up. We can't stop it from happening," Luke said with a laugh.


Luke and Reid waited anxiously in the living room while Katie was upstairs helping their daughter get ready for her first prom. Reid's left hand tapped against his thigh as he alternated between staring at the floor and watching the stairs. Luke reached over and stilled Reid's hand before taking it in his own, gently caressing it.

"Hey, what's going on in that handsome head of yours?"

Reid was about to answer when beeping pierced the air. He grabbed his pager off his belt and looked at it.

"Shit, it's a 911, neurotrauma. I have to go," Reid said as he stood up and reclipped the pager.

"Sophie's going to be upset I'm not here. Please explain and apologize for me. I'll call as soon as I can. I love you."

Reid planted a quick kiss on Luke's lips before he grabbed his wallet and keys and headed for the door.

"I love you too. Go be amazing."

Upstairs, Katie was putting the finishing touch on Sophie's hair. She put in a couple more bobby pins before spraying the do one last time with hairspray. With Sophie's hair done, Katie went to work on the young girl's makeup.

"Thanks Aunt Katie for helping me get ready for prom. Sara was planning to help me but she had to go out of town after Jeff's dad died."

"Anytime sweetie. Now pucker up, it's time for lipstick."

With hair and makeup done it was time to put on the dress. Jason was supposed to be there soon and she didn't want him to have to wait too long and get grilled by her fathers. Sophie slipped off her bathrobe and Katie helped her step carefully into her dress and zip it up. After putting her shoes on, Sophie grabbed her clutch and looked at Katie.

"Oh honey, you look so beautiful. Jason is a lucky guy to be going to prom with you."

"Thanks aunt Katie," Sophie said as she hugged her, carefully avoiding messing anything up.

"What do you say we go see if that date of yours is here?"


Luke was reading a magazine when he heard noise on the stairs. He looked up as Sophie came walking down the stairs.

"Oh baby, you look beautiful."

"Thanks daddy. Where's papa?"

"He's really sorry but he got paged to the hospital for an emergency. He wishes he was here with you. But I promised I'd take lots of pictures."

"I wish he was here too but I understand. I know he's off being awesome."

"What do you say we take some pictures of you while we wait for Jason to show up?"


Reid pulled the surgical cap off his head and tossed it in the laundry bin before scrubbing his hands over his face. The surgery had been long but thanks to him the patient should make a full recovery. Reid opened his locker and immediately picked up his wedding ring and slipped it back on his finger. He hated taking it off for surgery. It just felt wrong to not have it on.

After tucking his wallet in his pocket he grabbed his phone and glanced at it as he closed his locker door. He noticed he had a voice mail from Luke. As he listened to it he had to fight the urge to punch his locker. Sophie's douche of a date had stood her up. Nobody hurts his little girl and gets away with it. He was ready to go confront the jerk when his phone rang. He looked at the display and saw his husband's name.

"How is she?" He asked immediately.

"Pretty upset."

"I want to kill that little bastard for hurting my little girl," Reid said as he paced in the locker room.

"I know. I do too but right now we need to take of Sophie. You going to be home soon?"

"Yeah. Just getting ready to leave but I have an idea that might cheer our daughter up. I'll be home in 15 to 20 minutes. Let Sophie know I love her."

Reid hung up and headed for his office. He opened the closet and pulled out the extra suit he kept there. Peeling off his scrubs he pulled the suit on, leaving the top couple of buttons on the shirt undone. He left the scrubs in his office, pocketed his wallet and headed for his car. There were no florists open this late but he managed to find a corsage at the grocery store on his way home.

Setting his wallet, keys and phone in the bowl by the door, Reid made his way into the living room. The sight before him broke his heart. His daughter was still wearing her dress and was curled up on the couch, her head in her dad's lap. When Reid walked in Luke was surprised to see his husband in a suit and cocked his head in question.

Reid cleared his throat and asked, "May I have this dance?"

Sophie looked up from where she lay to see her papa wearing a suit, a corsage in his hand.

"Papa? Why are you wearing a suit?" Sophie asked as she sat up.

"I was hoping to dance with the most beautiful girl in the world."

"Oh papa."

Sophie jumped up and flung herself at her father. Reid wrapped his arms around his daughter and held her as she cried.

"I'm so sorry Gracie, I'm so sorry."

While Reid held Sophie, Luke turned on some music before going to the kitchen to get the boutineer they had gotten for her date. He returned to the living room and caught Reid's eyes and held up the flower reminding Reid he had his own for Sophie.

"Hey Gracie, I have something for you." He brought the container around so she could see it and gently lifted the wrist corsage out and slipped it over her hand. She looked at the pretty flower and hugged her father again.

"Thank you papa."

Luke brought the boutonniere over and Sophie carefully pinned it to her dad's lapel. Luke then grabbed the camera and insisted on taking some pictures, even though Sophie protested saying she looked like a mess.

"Nonsense, you are beautiful."

With pictures taken, Reid again took his daughter in his arms and they swayed to the music that was playing while Luke looked on. The music changed to something with an upbeat and Reid couldn't help but "bust a move." Sophie just looked at her father and cracked up.

"What? Don't you like my moves?"

"Oh papa, don't give up your day job to become a dancer."

Reid laughed and continued dancing, getting crazier with his moves as he went. Pretty soon Sophie was laughing hysterically on the couch. The song ended and Reid wiped his brow.

"Why don't you go change into your PJ's and I'll get out the pie?"

"With ice cream?"

"Of course!"

Reid watched as Sophie hustled out of the room and then took off his jacket and tossed it on the back of the couch. He rolled up his sleeves as he walked into the kitchen and pulled out the pie, ice cream and bowls. He was plating two slices when Sophie came into the room.

"Did daddy make that pie with great-grandma Emma?"

"He did."

"Where is daddy?"

"Hmm, you know I'm not sure. He wasn't upstairs?"

"No, your room was dark when I went past and so was the office."

"He didn't say he was going out but I'll text him."

Sophie and Reid enjoyed their pie in silence, both opting for a second slice. They were just finishing up when they heard the back door open and then Luke appeared in the kitchen.

"Hey, where'd you go?"

Luciano had a little discussion with a certain young man."


"Don't worry baby I had a nice talk with Jason. He apparently decided he didn't want to go to prom after all so just stayed home with friends playing video games. He didn't think it would be a big deal to just not show up. He feels really bad and is going to be apologizing to you on Monday. His parents have also grounded him for a month for what he did to you."

Sophie stood up, walked over to her dad and wrapped her arms around him.

"Thank you daddy."

"Anytime baby," Luke replied as he kissed the top of her head.

She then went over and embraced her papa.

"Thanks for dancing with me and for the pie. I have the best papa in the world."

"Of course you do; I'm the best in everything I do."

"I'm being serious Papa."

"I know Gracie. You're still my baby girl and I'll always be there for you. I love you," Reid said as he too kissed the top of her head.

"Love you too Papa and you too Daddy. Good night."

Sophie turned and headed to bed.

Luke walked over and wrapped his arms around his husband and rested his chin on his shoulder.

"That was a really nice thing you did tonight. She looked like she had a good time."

"I think she did. I'm just glad I could put a smile back on her face," Reid said as he leaned his head back to capture Luke's lips with his own.

"What do you say we get this cleaned up and head to bed. Luciano has some steam he needs to work off, if you know what I mean."

Luke waggled his eyebrows as he released Reid and started gathering plates.

Reid immediately jumped into action, putting away the food as fast as he could. If Luciano was here to play, it was best not to keep him waiting.


Heir Chapter 20/?

Author: Mickey9928
Title: Heir Chapter 20
Rating: PG-13, maybe R just to be safe.
Characters/Pairings: Luke/Reid, Eric, Evan, Sophie, and Katie.
Warnings: None
Summary: Growing up
I know it has been quite sometime since I updated this story.  I got busy working on the big bang and then my computer died, taking my files with it.  After many attempts at retrieving my files, the tech was successful on his last ditch effort and for that I'm very grateful.  I finally finished my BB and my muse for this story returned!  Thank you for not giving up on this story.  It is my baby and I will finish it.  :)

A/N 2- You will notice that the kids are now quite a bit older.  Sophie is 14 and the twins are 10.  From here on out each chapter will jump ahead a bit in time.  I know where the story is going but am not sure how many chapters it will take.  When I started this fic, way back when, it was just a one shot and now, here I am at chapter 20!  A huge thanks to all who read and comment, it encourages me to continue writing.  I know you’ve been waiting for an update so without further ado, here is chapter 20!

Chapter 20

Reid was looking forward to a relaxing evening at home.  It was family movie night which meant take out from Al's followed by cuddling with his husband on the couch while he watched some dumb movie his kids had picked out.  It was one of the best nights of the week in Reid's opinion.

"Dinner's here," Reid called out as he entered the house.

Walking into the living room, he was surprised to find Katie sitting on his couch with Sophie's head in her lap.  Katie was stroking his daughter's head, running her hand down the long blonde locks.  He could see dried tears on Sophie's cheeks but it appeared she was asleep.

"What's going on?  Why has she been crying?" Reid asked.

"Shhh!  She finally fell asleep."

"You better start talking, Blondie, what's going on with my daughter," Reid asked in a harsh whisper.

"Calm down Reid, she's fine or at least she will be."

"What does that mean?"

"If you'd let me finish I'd tell you.  She called me in a panic this afternoon when she realized she'd started her period."

"What?!?!?" Reid exclaimed.

"She's in 8th grade Reid, it's perfectly normal.  You of all people should know that. I picked her up from school and after a quick stop at the store for supplies I brought her home.  I started explaining what was happening to her body and she said you and Luke had already given her the puberty talk so I asked her if she had any questions that I as a woman might be able to better answer.  She had a few and I answered them truthfully and as best I could.  I think at her age it's hard not having a mom.  She knows she could talk to Sara but she said it's not the same.  I told her she can always come to me with anything, anytime and she appreciated that.  She's had an emotional day and it wiped her out."

While Katie had been talking, Reid had slumped into one of the chairs.  He was currently holding his head in his hands as he tried to rack his brain around the fact that his daughter was becoming a woman.  

"Papa?" Sophie said quietly

Reid's head whipped up and it only took a split second before he was sitting on the couch holding his daughter.

"Oh Gracie."

Reid just held his daughter as she cried.  

"I know it must be scary having your body go through these changes but I promise it's all normal."

"I know," Sophie sniffled into her Papa's shirt.

"I'm glad you called your Aunt Katie.  Anytime you're not comfortable talking to me or your dad, you can always talk to her.  Do you feel okay?  Any headache, backache or cramps?"

"No, not so far."

"That's good," Reid replied as he kissed her forehead.

Just then Reid realized he hadn't seen his husband since he'd been home.

"Where's Luke?" he asked Katie.

"Upstairs trying to get Evan to open his door.  He came home from school and locked himself in his room.  I've been taking care of Sophie while he's been trying to get through to your son.  Thankfully Eric seems to not have any drama today."

"Gracie, sweetie, do you mind if I go see what's going on with your dad and Evan?  Aunt Katie will stay you until your dad or I come back.  Oh and there's chili in the bag."

"And cornbread?" Sophie asked.

"Of course.  Just heat it up first, it's probably cold by now."

"Thanks Papa."

"Anytime.  I love you, Gracie."

As Reid for the started for the stairs he mouthed, "Thank you," to Katie.



"Hey, how's Sophie?" Luke asked when he saw his husband.

"Doing okay.  I think it's hard going through these changes without a woman in the house.  I'm glad she has Katie.  So what's going on with Evan?  Katie said he locked himself in his room."

"Yeah, I keep trying to get him to open the door but he refuses.  Maybe you can try."

Reid knocked on the door and called out,

"Evan, it's Papa.  Can you open the door so we can talk?"

"No," came the reply from the other side of the door.

"Evan, we can't help you if you won't talk to us.  And if you stay in there all night, your brother and sister will eat all the chili."

"Did somebody say chili?" Eric asked as he stuck his head out into the hallway.

"In the kitchen.  Be nice to your sister.  She's had a rough day," Luke said as Eric disappeared down the stairs.

While Luke had been talking to Eric, Reid had heard the quiet click of the lock on Evan's door.  Slowly opening the door, the two men glanced in to find their son laying face down on his bed, hugging his pillow.

"Hey bud, what's going on?" Reid asked as he and Luke both sat down on the bed.

"I don't want to talk about it," Evan mumbled into the pillow.

"Evan," Luke replied sternly.  "You know we don't bottle things up in this family.  We talk about what's going on, isn't that right Reid?"

"You're dad's right Evan and you know how hard it is for me say that.  I hate to talk about things."

Evan couldn't help but chuckle at that.  He knew how much his Papa hated to talk about feelings.

Finally sitting up, the men could see that their son had been crying.

"So what's going on?" Reid asked.

"I just want to be normal.  I want to be like all the other guys," Evan sniffled out as the tears fell again.

"What do you mean?  You are normal.   Who told you that you weren't?" Luke asked incredulously.

"Nobody.  Nobody had to."

"You're not making any sense, Evan."

"Lately when I've been with my friends and we change our clothes I found myself sneaking looks at their crotches.  At first I just thought I was curious what other guys looked like compared to me but then I realized it was turning me on.  They always had underwear on.  We never got completely naked in front of each other but just seeing them in their underwear, with their little bulges was enough to get me hard.  I covered up quickly so no one would notice but then looked around at my friends and realized none of them were having the same problem.  I'm attracted to boys and I don't want to be.  I want to be normal," Evan cried as Reid pulled him into a hug and Luke stroked the soft red curls on his son's head.

"Hey buddy, in this family I'd say it's pretty normal to be attracted to boys.  If you hadn't noticed your father and I are both boys and are most definitely attracted to each other and your sister likes boys.  Come to think of it, the only person in this house that doesn't like boys is your brother, so I think he's the one that's not normal if you ask me," Reid said with a chuckle.

"I always thought Eric was a little odd," Evan said with a small smile and laugh.

"We know how hard it is to being having these feelings that you don't want to be having but there is absolutely nothing wrong about it or anything to be ashamed of.  You are still very much normal and don't let anybody tell you otherwise," Luke said as he laid a kiss on his son's forehead.

"You know that you can talk to your father and I about anything, whether it be feelings you're having, reactions your body is having, or anything else that might be confusing you.  In case you hadn't notice, we're both gay and believe it or not we were once your age and trying to figure out what was happening in our heads and bodies," Reid said as he looked at his son.

"You better now?" Luke asked.

"Yeah but can we keep this just between us for now?  I'm not ready to tell the world that I like boys."

"Of course.  It's nobody's place to tell but you and you'll know when the time is right.  Now can we go and see if your brother and sister left us any chili?  I'm starving!"

Evan couldn't help but laugh at his Papa's dramatics.


Reid lay in bed, full of chili and sated after a round of gentle love making.  Both he and Luke had agreed that they wanted it slow and sensual after the evening they had had.  He was spooned behind Luke, his softening cock still nestled inside his husband.

"What a day.  Our daughter is becoming a woman and one of our sons came out to us," Reid said as he nuzzled against Luke's neck.

"Do you think Evan truly knows what he is feeling?  He is after all only 10," Luke asked as he played with his husband's hand.

"Only time will tell for sure but I knew when I was 9 that I was gay, so while 10 may seem young it's very possible to know. And what he described sounds a lot like what I went through.  I'm just glad he has someone to talk to about it."

"And then there's Sophie.  I can't believe how fast she is growing up.  You know that now you're going to have to buy feminine hygiene products for her."

"Oh hell no."

"Reid," Luke said in warning.  "You will and you won't complain or grumble about it.


"Do you remember the night we brought her home?  It seems like just yesterday I was calling you in a panic from that dingy hotel."

"And just like that night, I still want the whole enchilada and everything that comes with it.  If that means I buy my daughter tampons and help my son accept that he's gay, then bring it on," Reid said as he ran his fingers through the light smattering of chest hair on his husband's chest.

"Just when I didn't think I could love you anymore than I already do, you go and say something like that," Luke said as he tipped his head back and captured Reid's lips with his own.


When Darkness turns to Light

Title: When Darkness Turns to Light

Author: mickey9928

Artist: casaluna85

Pairings: Luke/Noah, Luke/Reid

Ratings: Up to R but mainly PG

Warnings: Luke/Noah paring for awhile.

Word Count: 19,791

Disclaimer: I do not own the boys or any of the other characters but I love to play with them.

Summary: Luke suffers a head injury in a horse riding accident and loses his sight.  Reid decides to take on his case but not before Channing tried and failed. Luke deals well with being blind, while Noah is a douche and always has an excuse to not be around.  Reid is immediately attracted to Luke and is there when Noah isn't (and thinks Noah is a huge douchbag!).  Will Luke ever see again?  Will Luke and Reid fall in love?

A/N: In August my laptop died, taking my BB with it.  I assumed my files would be retrieved off my hard drive and I'd be backing working on it in a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately that wasn't the case.  As the weeks went on I did some writing on paper before discovering that the first part of my story was on googledocs and was able to retreive that part but was still missing a big chunk.  I knew where I had left off and started writing from that point, knowing I was still missing that chunk.  As the deadline loomed closer and I still didn't have my files I was sure I would have to drop out.  The whole time my beta bluecactus03 gave me wonderful encouragement even though I didn't have much story I could send her to look over.  Finally on Nov. 26, I got good news from the tech.  The last resort try to get my files had worked.  With the over 4,000 words that I thought I had lost forever finally back in my hands I worked hard to wrap up the story in time for my posting date.  A huge thank you to bluecactus03 for what betaing she was able to do and all the wonderful encouragement along the way to not give up.  Another huge thank you to casaluna85 for the awesome art work.  She captured my Luke, Reid and Noah so well and with so little to go on.  And of course a huge thank you to Traci and Bhumi for all you to for the Big Bang and your flexibility with my posting date.  Now onto the story!

Chapter 1

The darkness engulfed him, much as it had for the last 6 months.  No matter where he went or what he did, the darkness followed.  It wasn’t supposed to be like this.  The doctor said he could fix him, make him see again.  He wasn’t the doctor he’d wanted but he was who he had to settle for when his first choice didn’t have an opening for over a year.  Now he was stuck, stuck in the dark, stuck wondering if he’d ever see again.  The answer lay in the hands of the man he was about to meet.

Six months earlier it had been a rare warm and sunny February day when Luke and Noah had gone out for a ride around the farm.  The day had started out with Luke recommending they go for a ride and enjoy a picnic near the lake.  They loaded up on goodies from Emma’s kitchen before saddling up the horses and heading out.  They followed the well-worn trail out through the property, circling the grove of trees near the pond before heading towards their favorite picnic spot near the edge of the water.  Luke told Noah to start setting things up while he let Shadow open up his legs and run.  Noah never liked to go fast on the horses but Luke loved it.  He loved to feel the wind as it whipped through his hair and stung his face.  There was nothing like the adrenaline rush of riding a horse fast.

Luke had almost finished the loop around the property when Shadow’s hoof landed in a hole, causing the horse’s leg to buckle and Luke to go flying off. Luke was hurtled through the air before he landed with a thud, smacking his head on a large root protruding from the ground. He managed to cry out Noah's name before his world descended into darkness.

A week later Luke woke up in the hospital but his world was still dark. The trauma his brain experienced from the blow to the head had resulted in his loss of sight. The head of neurology at Memorial had explained that there was an experimental surgery that could be done to possibly restore Luke’s sight. The doctor had recommended a Dr. Reid Oliver, who was currently working in Dallas, as his first choice to do the surgery. His success rate was the highest, even if his bedside manners left a lot to be desired.

They had tried to get a hold of Dr. Oliver but his assistant had told them he was booked solid for a year but they could add their name to the list. Luke had tried to convince Noah to see if the doctor would at least agree to a consult if they were willing to fly to Dallas. But Noah being Noah, refused to make a scene and ruffle any feathers.  He refused to even consider trying to convince the doctor to take the case. Instead he arranged for Dr. Channing to do the surgery, a doctor whose success rate was much lower than that of Dr. Oliver.

Just as Luke had feared, the surgery was not only a failure,  it may have actually caused more damage than it repaired, leaving the young man fearful that he would never see again.

In the 6 months since the accident and subsequent failed operation, Luke had doggedly tried to get a hold of Dr. Oliver but always got the same response-

"You'll just have to wait your turn."

Finally, during one of his calls he made mention of Dr. Channing and the failed surgery he'd already had.

"Channing?!?!?  You let that deli slicer near your head?  Are you dumb too?"

"Well, he was at least nice, which is more than I can say of you."

"Nice doesn't get you very far in the OR now does it? If it did, you'd be able to see right now wouldn't you? E-mail me your file, I'll take a look at it but I'm making no promises about taking on your case."

"Thank you Dr. Oliver. You don't know what this means to me." Luke managed to stammer out.

"Don't thank me yet. I haven't agreed to take your case, just send me the file. Goodbye Mr. Snyder."

"Goodbye Dr....." He didn't get a chance to finish before the dial tone was blaring in his ear.

Hanging up the phone, Luke grabbed his jacket and his cane and headed towards Memorial. Over the last six months he had become a pro at navigating through Old Town and to the hospital. He almost never stumbled or ran into things. Everyone was amazed at how well he had adapted to being blind. He never complained or made excuses. He certainly didn't want to live the rest of his life as a blind man but for now he was blind and he was determined to make the best of the situation. He was even writing a book about his experience by dictating his thoughts into the computer.

Arriving at the hospital Luke asked for Dr. Hughes.

The older man spotted Luke sitting in the waiting room.

"Luke, hi, what can I do for you?"

"Hey Bob. I need your help sending my file to Dr. Oliver down in Texas. He's not agreed to take on the case but he was interested in seeing my file. I'm hoping that after seeing the file he'll want to take it on."

"I'd be happy to. Let's go to my office."

Thirty minutes later a ding informed Reid that he had a new message. Opening up his inbox he saw it was from you Oakdale Memorial Hospital. Reid opened the email and began downloading Mr. Snyder’s file.  While the file downloaded, the doctor finished up the last of his paperwork for the day. Glancing back at the computer he saw the file had barely begun to download.

“Holy shit, how big is this thing?” Reid wondered. 

Realizing it was going to take awhile for it to download, he slipped the computer into its bag, grabbed his coat and headed home.  His shift was over and he would much rather read through the file in the comfort of his own living room, preferably with a beer in his hand.  Once at home he made one of his world famous Oliver sandwiches and grabbed a beer before settling down on the couch with his computer in his lap.

With the file completely downloaded, he began scrolling through it.  The first thing that caught his eye was the picture of the man whose file he was reading.  The man appeared to be in his early 20’s and was beautiful. He had eyes the color of liquid Caramel and blonde hair that was just begging you to run your fingers through it.  In the picture the man was smiling and Reid was taken by the amazing dimples that were on display.  The man was simply stunning.

Tearing his eyes away from the picture, Reid scrolled through the file.  Mr. Snyder had dealt with all the normal childhood illnesses and injuries.  Nothing stood out until he came to the kidney transplant.  Reid couldn’t believe his eyes.  The man had had a kidney transplant when he was only 16-years-old.  Reading on he saw that the man had struggled with alcoholism and continued to drink even after receiving the new kidney.

“Were you trying to kill yourself Mr. Snyder?” the doctor mumbled as he continued to read.

He nearly spit beer all over his computer when he got to the spinal injury and resulting paralysis that the man had suffered. Apparently Mr. Snyder had been gunned down by one Colonel Winston Mayer, his boyfriend’s father, but surgery and therapy had given the man his mobility back.  And now Mr. Snyder was blind as a result of a head injury suffered from a fall during a horse ride.   Dr. Channing had operated but had only succeeded in creating more damage to the man’s brain. Damage that Reid was confident he could fix. Scrolling back up through the hundreds of pages of the file, Reid’s eyes once again landed on the picture of the young man.  This man didn’t deserve everything that had happened to him and Reid was determined to do everything in his power to give the man his sight back.


“I’ll do it.”

“Dr. Oliver?”

“Yes, it’s Dr. Oliver and after reading over your file I’ve decided I’ll do it.”

“The surgery?”

“No, the hokey pokey.  Yes, the surgery!”

“Really? When?”

“Well, I’ll need to examine you before I can know for sure but I figure the sooner the better.  I can get a flight out tomorrow and if you’re available I’d like to schedule a consult for the afternoon.”

“But what about your wait list, I thought it was a year long?”

“I’ve decided to make an exception for you, Mr. Snyder.”

“Wow, I don’t know what to say.  Thank you!.  You have no idea how much this means to me.”

“I’ve seen your medical file, I’m pretty sure I do.”

“If you don’t want to fly commercial,  I can send my grandmother’s jet for you.  It would be at your disposal.”

“Your family has a private jet?!”

“Several actually.”

“Great, so you’re some kind of Richie Rich then?”

“Do I have money?  Yes.  But I have never flaunted my money and I wasn’t spoiled as a child.  I don’t live in a mansion.  I don’t have a butler or a maid but I do have a driver and several cars at my disposal but I prefer to drive my 2000 Honda Civic. So are you interested in using the jet?”

“Why not, it will cut my travel time in half.”

“Okay, I’ll send the jet down first thing in the morning.  It will be waiting for you at DFW and when you land in Oakdale a car will be waiting to take you to Memorial.”

“It sounds like you have everything figured out.  See you tomorrow Mr. Snyder.”

Chapter 2: http://mickey9928.livejournal.com/9966.html


When Darkness turns to Light

Chapter 2

Luke couldn’t contain his nerves as he sat in the exam room waiting for Dr. Oliver to arrive.  Noah was going to come with him but an emergency arose at Java and he had to fill in for another barista.  Luke got Casey to come with him at the last minute, not wanting to go to the appointment alone.

Reid paused outside the exam room and looked in at Mr. Snyder through the window.  He was even more gorgeous in person, if that was even possible.  He assumed the man rubbing Luke’s shoulders must be his boyfriend Noah.  For some reason the sight of another man touching Luke left a bad feeling in his stomach.  He didn’t even know the man so there was no way he could be jealous.  Besides, he didn’t do jealous, he didn’t do feelings, period.  Finally, Reid walked over to the door and slowly turned the handle. 

As the door opened, Luke turned towards the sound.

“Dr. Oliver?”

“Were you expecting another doctor, Mr. Snyder?”

“Nope, just you and please, call me Luke.  Oh, and this is my best friend Casey Hughes.”

“I would have thought your boyfriend would have accompanied you, Mr. Snyder."

“He had an emergency at work.  That’s why Casey is here.”

“Oh, good, well I’m only interested in your brain, so how about I examine you now?”

“Sure, but can I just do one thing first?” Luke asked as he reached out his hands towards where Dr. Oliver’s voice had been.

“Um, what are you going?”

“I’d like to feel your face to get an idea of what you look like before you start your exam.”

“Um, okay.  That’s a little weird but I suppose.”  Reid stepped forward so he was standing between Luke’s open knees.

Reaching out, Luke’s hands first landed on Reid’s chest, which Luke mentally noted felt firm and toned beneath his fingers.  When Luke’s hands touched the doctor the older man immediately felt a spark but shook it off as nerves.

“Your aim is a little low Mr. Snyder.”

Luke felt his way up Reid’s neck, taking in his prominent Adam’s apple before exploring his face.  A light feel of stubble greeted his fingers, telling him Dr. Oliver had probably not shaved for a day or two.  His fingers gently made their way over soft, full lips, a slender nose, long eyelashes, and nearly non-existent eyebrows before making their way into his soft, curls.

“You have curly hair,” Luke said with an amused smile on his face.


“I don’t know, I guess it’s just not what I expected.  I figured you’d be some out of shape old, bald guy but from what I can tell I’d say you are in your 30’s, fit and have a full head of hair.”

“Well, if you’re done fondling me, I need to examine you.”

Reid did a very thorough examination of Luke and his eyesight notwithstanding; he was an extremely healthy man.  Luke had recently seen his nephrologist and all his test results had shown that his kidney was functioning well.  He may not have taken his transplanted kidney seriously when he first got it as a teenager but apparently he grew to understand the importance of taking care of it and himself.


“I’d like to get a current scan of your brain to compare to all the other scans so I know what I’m dealing with.  Your last scans were several months ago and certainly things have changed in there since then.  I’ll have a nurse come take you down.  Once I’ve seen the scans we’ll talk about the possibility of surgery and getting your sight back.”

Luke reached out to shake Dr. Oliver’s hand as he thanked him.

“Thank you, again, for taking my case, Dr. Oliver.”

Reid looked at the proffered hand before hesitantly reaching his own hand out to shake it.  When their hands touched Reid again immediately felt a spark.

“Well, I better get those scans ordered,” Reid managed to stammer out as he took his hand back. “The nurse should be in shortly to take you down.  I’ll be back in to see you after I have a chance to review the new scans,” the doctor said as he headed out the door.

Stopping outside the room, Reid glanced back in the window at the blonde sitting on the bed.  As he watched the young man laugh at something his friend said, a smile breaking out on his face, Reid decided that Luke’s face  was made to smile.

Reid shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose as he muttered, “Bonehead.  He has a boyfriend and you aren’t interested in getting involved with anyone.  You don’t do relationships, remember?”  He then headed off to get Luke’s scans ordered.

Chapter 3: http://mickey9928.livejournal.com/9553.html